Prayer can be difficult


Some people seem more naturally suited to a life of prayer. I think of monks or nuns, dedicating themselves to prayer numerous times throughout the day. I imagine them to be serene of temperament, easily given to peaceful contemplation. There are the elderly women in churches, the “prayer warriors” who quietly organize prayer vigils, meetings, and events — and who arrive early at every church service to pray. Then there are the fiery intercessors, who seem to have some unique “in” with God, with prayer lives that puzzle us lesser mortals. Of course, I also think of my parents, the go-to people for prayer in our extended family and circle of friends. My older brother and I dubbed them “the big guns”, as in, “This situation is desperate. We better call in the big guns to pray for us.”

I am not one of those for whom prayer comes easy.

So that’s what any potential readers of my blog need to know straight off. If you are looking for great wisdom borne out of decades of a wonderful prayer life, there are lots of wonderful books you should read instead. But if you are interested in my journey from someone who struggles with prayer to someone who…well, who does whatever it is that God has planned for me…then keep on reading.

I chose one word for 2015, as the thing I would focus my entire year around, and that word was prayer. My goal is to become the sort of “prayer warrior” God wants me to be. I know that will take much longer than a year. But here I am, determined and excited to see how far this year will take me.

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