Prayer in action

This evening I’m embarking on the first leg of a trip that will no doubt prove to be an adventure in prayer unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

It is also the culmination of prayers…mine and others.

In the morning, I will board a plane for Tokyo, where we will change planes for our final destination: Thailand. I will be part of a team ministering in Pattaya, partnering with local workers reaching out to those caught up in the sex trade. We will be doing a number of outreach efforts, and my prayer is that I might be Jesus’ hands and feet, His mouthpiece, to all those I meet.

I expect my heart to be broken. Irrevocably broken. In fact, that has been my dangerous, reckless plea: that my heart would be broken by the very things that break the heart of God.

It’s a dangerous, painful prayer that Bob Pierce prayed, and that I have made my own. There was a time when I greatly feared heartbreak, fully believing that I had already suffered enough of it, and that I could not bear any more. But now I no longer want a small, protected, stingy, hard heart. I want mine to be as much as possible like my Father’s.

I fully expect to see Him move on this trip. Even if it’s just to continue His work of turning my heart of stone into a heart of flesh, and of further liberating my heart from lovelessness and selfishness. But my prayer is that my being there will make a difference…a very small drop in a painfully enormous and overwhelming bucket.

Please pray with me…and for me.

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